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Secure, Individual Locking Doors

No expense spared. This high end phone charging kiosk is built solid from the ground up.Manufactured using commercial grade steel and aluminum components.

Each individual locking door also has tempered glass to allow for easy viewing and access.


24/7 Customer support

We are committed to delivering high quality products and services to our customers and provide 24/7 support in the way that meets the needs of each individual.

Compatible with all mobile devices

Blackberry, Apple (Ipod, Ipad…), Samsung, HTC , Kindle, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Nintendo, Sony Micro USB , Mini & Female USB , and has a USB plug to use one’s own cable.

Advanced Video Content Upload (remotly or on location via USB)

Upload multiple videos to play at different times & days

Full Design Customization

branding and customization of charging stations 

Easy to Operate

To charge your phone or tablet plug ur phone/tablet  

To Lock  just press "C" (Any four digit code ) "key sign"

To open just press "C" (your four digit code)"key sign"

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